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Sale Bioaroma  Vanilla oil

Bioaroma Vanilla oil

7.59€ 5.69€ Ex Tax:

No wonder this sweet and gentle essential oil helps with menstrual problems, caring for the skin in .....

Sale Bioaroma - 100% Natural Hair Elixir

Bioaroma - 100% Natural Hair Elixir

11.90€ 8.93€ Ex Tax:

Nourishing oil for dry hair ends With Argan and Olive oil No rinsing is required Get silky .....

Sale Bioaroma - Anti Aging Serum with aloe and aladania

Looking for serum for face, eye serum for wrinkles and anti aging serum? Bioaroma anti aging seru.....

Sale Bioaroma - Anti Spot face night oil

Bioaroma - Anti Spot face night oil

12.76€ 9.57€ Ex Tax:

Used as a natural dark spot corrector, leaving a brighter skin tone and a radiant, hydrated, complex.....

Sale Bioaroma - Argan Oil

Bioaroma - Argan Oil

13.75€ 10.31€ Ex Tax:

Argan Oil mproves skin elasticity while preventing moisture loss that can contribute to the aging pr.....

Sale Bioaroma - Beeswax for babies

Bioaroma - Beeswax for babies

10.12€ 7.59€ Ex Tax:

Ideal for diaper rash ointment, baby scratches and nursing nipples. With dittany, lavender & .....

Sale Bioaroma - Deep hydrating Body Serum

Bioaroma - Deep hydrating Body Serum

21.78€ 16.34€ Ex Tax:

Deep hydrating body serum. The secret to healthy and young complexion lies in preserving skin ela.....

Sale Bioaroma - Diktadent toothpaste

Bioaroma - Diktadent toothpaste

6.93€ 5.20€ Ex Tax:

Herbal toothpaste with grated Cretan dittany and sage from organic farming. Herbs can greatly con.....

Sale Bioaroma - Dittany oil

Bioaroma - Dittany oil

10.34€ 7.76€ Ex Tax:

A unique product for face and body with 100% pure Dittany essential oil in extra vergin olive oil. .....

Sale Bioaroma - Hair tonic shampoo

Bioaroma - Hair tonic shampoo

7.59€ 5.69€ Ex Tax:

Natural hair tonic shampoo with labdanum, dittany, rosemary and laurel essential oils Shampoo wit.....

Sale Bioaroma - Herbal shampoo for all types of hair

Natural olive oil shampoo with essential oils for all hair types With labdanum, dittany & ros.....

Sale Bioaroma - His & Her Deodorant Stick

Bioaroma - His & Her Deodorant Stick

9.24€ 6.93€ Ex Tax:

Crystal stone & sandalwood essential oil. 120 ml .....

Sale Bioaroma - Natural shampoo and shower gel for Kids

With lavender and calendula. It provides a total natural care for the sensitive skin of your chil.....

Sale Bioaroma - Relaxing massage oil for legs

Bioaroma - Relaxing massage oil for legs

13.92€ 10.44€ Ex Tax:

Therapeutic and relaxing massage oil for legs. Ideal against thread veins. 100 ml .....

Sale Bioaroma Acne cream

Bioaroma Acne cream

16.46€ 12.34€ Ex Tax:

With tea tree, bergamot and geranium. Acne is a sign of youth, still not a pretty one. More so, .....

Sale Bioaroma After shave cream

Bioaroma After shave cream

19.14€ 14.36€ Ex Tax:

Men don’t need much. But what they need they demand. And what they demand they get. This is.....