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Sale Aphrodite - After Shave Balm

Aphrodite - After Shave Balm

8.00€ 7.20€ Ex Tax:

Natural soothing aftershave balm Apollon by Aphrodite cosmetic line for men is a highly efficient af.....

Sale Aphrodite - Anti Ageing & Hydrating Eye Cream

Greek olive oil-based eye wrinkle cream from Aphrodite is a unique intensive care preparation for ey.....

Sale Aphrodite - Anti-ageing & Firming Day Cream

Daytime face moisturizer Aphrodite is based on the innovative formula consisting of 95% of organic i.....

Sale Aphrodite - Anti-ageing & Firming Serum

Aphrodite - Anti-ageing & Firming Serum

19.50€ 17.55€ Ex Tax:

Greek anti-aging facial serum from Aphrodite is a unique beauty aid for active skin anti-aging treat.....

Sale Aphrodite - Anti-wrinkle & Anti-pollution Cleansing Milk

Natural face milk by Aphrodite is a well-balanced efficient formula that helps to clean your face fr.....

Sale Aphrodite - Anti-wrinkle & anti-pollution Day cream

A proactive anti-wrinkle cream aimed at protection from environmental pollution and UV radiatio.....

Sale Aphrodite - Anti-wrinkle & Anti-pollution Eye Cream

Fast-acting anti-wrinkle eye cream by Aphrodite is a newly developed anti-ageing treatment aimed at .....

Sale Aphrodite - Anti-wrinkle & Anti-pollution Serum

An innovative anti-wrinkle serum from Aphrodite is ultra-powerful natural protection from environmen.....

Sale Aphrodite - Anti-wrinkle & Anti-pollution Νight Cream

Aphrodite innovative revitalizing night cream is a unique formula of natural elements (96,6% share) .....

Sale Aphrodite - Baby Cream

Aphrodite - Baby Cream

7.50€ 6.75€ Ex Tax:

Natural moisturizing children cream Aphrodite cares about sensitive children skin protecting it from.....

Sale Aphrodite - Body Butter with Almond & Honey

Aphrodite elaborated body cream with avocado and shea butter, organic almond and olive oil which per.....

Sale Aphrodite - Body Butter with Argan & Pomegranate

Our skin needs daily care and nourishment. Our new organic olive oil-based cream, produced by Greek .....

Sale Aphrodite - Body Butter with Cocoa Butter & Vanilla

Aphrodite natural Greek body cream with vanilla, olive, and cocoa butter is a beauty treatment creat.....

Sale Aphrodite - Body Butter with Mango & Papaya

Due to its light cream texture, the scented nutritive body butter by Aphrodite provides an immediate.....

Sale Aphrodite - Body Lotion with Aloe Vera

Aphrodite - Body Lotion with Aloe Vera

8.50€ 7.65€ Ex Tax:

Powerful body lotion with aloe vera extract by Aphrodite contains a high concentration of natural in.....

Sale Aphrodite - Body Lotion with Argan & Pomegranate

Proper skin care should consider all its needs and it also requires determination of the drawbacks a.....