Натуральный мужской шампунь от выпадения волос Kalliston

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Innovative male shampoo for hair loss - an effective natural Kalliston company's product, the effect of which is directed to a mild cleansing, nutrition, increasing and strengthening hair.

Active substances

The performance-based restorative shampoo for men hiding natural composition without sls, which provides a complete skin care, hair shine and healthy look:

  • bioactive bay oil, part of the funds, eliminates discomfort, irritation and redness of the skin, provides a deodorant and tonic effect on the skin and hair;
  • natural olive oil, rich in amino acids and vitamins, envelops the hair shaft, preventing it from thinning, forms a protective film on the surface of the epithelium, preventing it from draining and destruction of the hair follicles, making tool works effectively as a shampoo for hair loss for men;
  • concentrated biotin (vitamin H), enriching the male shampoo against hair loss, like building materials, strengthens the hair shaft, prevents its stratification.

With regular use of male shampoo without sles Kalliston not just cleanses curls and facilitates their styling, but also activates cellular immunity, deeply moisturizes the skin and enriches it with nutrients, so the hair becomes thicker, healthier and more attractive.

method of use

Suitable for daily hair washing. Apply shampoo on his head, lather, massage, then rinse.

Volume - 200 ml.   

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