Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Greek Garden LTD”®  will take all necessary precautions in order to keep the details of the Byers orders and personal documents such as name, surname, address etc secure. These documents are protected by the principle of protection of the personal documents that Greek Garden LTD”® should respect. These documents are used from the Greek Garden LTD”® only if the Buyer agrees and allows it in order to be informed for the products or for the communication between Greek Garden LTD”® and the Buyer.

Concerning the data of the Buyer’s credit card, CARDINITY keeps and deals with all card data and the company does not keep any of them. Consequently the Seller is not liable in case the data of his credit card run through the Internet.

The payment occurs over a secure server (SSL) with a 128-bit encryption key. Over this secure system, your credit card information is sent directly to the applicable banking authority over a secured, encrypted connection.  

No individual within 'Greek Garden LTD”® at the “The Olive Garden”® e-shop or over the Internet has access to your credit card information at the moment of purchase or at any time.

The Seller will not be liable for unauthorized access to the information supplied by the Buyer.