How organic are organic cosmetics?

How organic are organic cosmetics?

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How organic are organic cosmetics?

That’s a creepy question right there. Still, evidence suggests that it is a well-grounded one.

According to Organic Monitor, a scientific organization dedicated in driving sustainable practices and values across organic industries, many organic cosmetics brands do not deliver on their “natural” promises. This includes many products labeled as “100% organic or natural”. How can this be, right? 

Well, the trend towards natural products is growing steadily over the past years. So, I guess it is… natural (how ironic) for some companies to try to steal a piece of the pie. The truth is, however, that coming up with a pure organic formula that works is not that easy. It is not just about the ingredients. You have to employ organic processes as well. In other words, it is not enough for natural cosmetics to be made fromnatural ingredients. They have to be made with sustainable methods.

So, how can I be sure?

There is only one way: choose products that are certified by a legal body. Indeed, researchers at the Organic Monitor found that onlycertified products are genuine, contrary to non-certified brands which scored much lower in all tests. We believe that says it all.

So, today’s moral is: be an involved consumer. Not being deeply involved in the purchasing decisions you make will only result in more flawed or fraud producers mushrooming all over the place. This is true for everything you consume. As economists say, buying a product is voting in favor of its existence.

After all, it is our body we are talking about.