Sale Bioaroma - Anti Aging Serum with aloe and aladania

Bioaroma - Anti Aging Serum with aloe and aladania


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Looking for serum for face, eye serum for wrinkles and anti aging serum?

Bioaroma anti aging serum contains aloe gel, dictamnus, aladanus and wild rose extract which makes an ideal anti aging eye-face cream for you.

Get this product if you want to:

  • eliminate wrinkles (lines around the corner of your eyes), 
  • have a smouther face - soft touch, 
  • be extremely happy with the results of your anti aging serum and 
  • have an anti aging product that works


30ml (1.01fl oz)

Spray once the serum on your finger spread under the eyes and up to the eyebrow arc. Before it dries out, spread the eye cream and perform a very gentle massage until its absorbed.

Bioaroma-Tip: Remember that you may apply the face serum all over your face, since whatever you apply under the eyes is safe to use all over the face! 

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