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Organic elixir with argan butter by Elotia helps to care about face and neck skin of any type preserving its youth and attractiveness. The bioactive formula of the treatment is based on traditional Greek natural components: extract of white lupine and herbal oils (jojoba, almond, avocado, and olive).

Ultra-moisturizing jojoba oil has unique sun-protecting and antioxidant properties for your face and neck thus fighting against the epithelium pigmentation and premature skin aging.

Olive oil, contained in the face & neck elixir, provides intense skin care: tones, moisturizes, sufficiently nourishes with vitamins and amino acids.

Avocado butter stimulates skin regeneration and facilitates the synthesis of collagen fibers in the dermal layer thus preventing fine lines appearance.

Almond butter is rich in protective, toning and stimulating properties and successfully restores natural skin protective functions.

The extract of white lupine removes the skin toxins and breakdown products, delicately cleanses and facilitates cells regeneration.

Argan butter penetrates deep in the epithelium structure to improve its firmness and make your skin velvety soft.

Being applied daily, Elotia organic face and neck elixir helps to fight with the first signs of skin withering, tone and cleanse your skin.

30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz


Bio - olive oil / Avocado oil / Argan oil / Sweet almond oil / Lupin extract

The olive oil is rich in oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acids) and phenolic compounds which treats and helps skin regain its hydrolipidic balance, while providing significant antioxidant protection.

Application method

1. Cleanse the face and neck skin area.

2. Apply some elixir onto the epithelium surface in soft circular motions.

3. Tap the skin with your fingertips.

4. Leave until it is completely absorbed.

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