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Sale Bioaroma Restorative hair mask

Bioaroma Restorative hair mask

17.60€ 14.96€ Ex Tax:

With butter karite, avocado oil and laurel oil. You can’t do anything about spit ends real.....

Sale Bioaroma Rose oil

Bioaroma Rose oil

6.90€ 5.87€ Ex Tax:

Rich in anti-aging properties. Ideal for dry skin. It is also used as aphrodisiac und to fragranc.....

Sale Bioaroma Rosemary oil

Bioaroma Rosemary oil

4.60€ 3.91€ Ex Tax:

This is your secret weapon against cellulite and local fat. Add 3 drops of rosemary essential oi.....

Sale Bioaroma Sage

Bioaroma Sage

7.15€ 6.08€ Ex Tax:

Relieve period pains by diluting 15-30 drops in 50 ml Almond oil and massage on the abdomen in .....

Sale Bioaroma Tea tree oil

Bioaroma Tea tree oil

5.30€ 4.51€ Ex Tax:

It is not by chance that it is used in almost all products for fungal treatment. Drip 2 drops of.....

Sale Bioaroma Thyme oil

Bioaroma Thyme oil

8.20€ 6.97€ Ex Tax:

Mediterranean people used it in the past to relieve sore throat, cough and flue by making syrup for .....

Sale Bioaroma Ylang ylang oil

Bioaroma Ylang ylang oil

6.90€ 5.87€ Ex Tax:

It is considered "the flower of flowers". Widely used in aromatherapy, Ylang-Ylang has.....