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An innovative soothing facial cream by Aphrodite provides your skin with multifunctional care for any skin type. It helps to reduce the first signs of aging, tiredness and stress, as well efficiently protecting it from hazardous environmental influence:

  • smoking, urban pollution, exhaust fumes, etc.;

  • free radicals oxidation;

  • wind-burning;

  • solar radiation.


This daytime protective cream is based on the combination and interaction of unique components, out of which 97% are bioactive organic ingredients such as herbal ivy extract, donkey milk, aloe latex, carob, cotton stem cells, marine minerals, hyaluronic acid, and extract of red seaweed.

The herbal extract of ivy and donkey milk have strong revitalizing, nourishing, cicatrizing and softening properties due to which the cream can be applied to the very sensitive skin with the tendency to irritation and redness.

Hyaluronic acid activates natural skin properties for anti-pollution protection: normalizes skin moisture balance, stimulates natural collagen synthesis and tissue regeneration.

The anti-aging combination of carob extract and aloe latex, contained in the anti-pollution cream, stimulates the process of synthesis of protein fibers, neutralizes the influence of free radicals, moisturizes your skin and prevents from premature aging.

The complex of marine minerals provides the skin cells with natural regenerative resources, and the extract of red seaweed activates metabolic processes, makes your skin firmer and more elastic, thus facilitating complex anti-wrinkle care.

Therefore, regular application of the Aphrodite protective cream helps not only to get rid of fine lines but to efficiently deal with the fundamental problems of dry and sensitive skin (cracking, flaking, inflammation, irritation, dryness, etc.).

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: donkey milk, aloe vera, st. John’s wort, centella, carob, cotton stem cells, moringa peptides, red seaweed, cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

97% natural

50ml / 1.70 fl oz


Apply daily onto the clean facial and neck skin area after morning cleaning procedures.

Can be used as a primer foundation.

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