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Due to its bioactive formula, an innovative nourishing night facial cream by Aphrodite provides full-fledged and efficient facial care:

  • stimulates natural protective functions of your skin;

  • removes the signs of tiredness and stress;

  • activates cellular revitalization processes;

  • provides anti-withering protection;

  • provides the epithelium with softness and natural gloss.

The cream is 96,7% natural; therefore, it is highly efficient and can be applied to any skin type. The basis of the rejuvenating night cream formula consists of the following ingredients:

  • argan butter: slows down the aging processes; has toning, anti-inflammatory, protective and regenerative action;

  • thistle extract: harmonizing properties; smoothes skin surface, whitens and improves skin tone;

  • encapsulated hyaluronic acid: active hydrating function; provides skin firmness and elasticity; stimulates skin fibers synthesis. The treatment is developed as the efficient anti-aging night cream;  

  • organic olive oil: deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin cells, protects your skin from hazardous environmental influences;

  • seaweed extract: soothes, moisturizes and protects your skin removing signs of stress and tiredness; balances epidermis metabolic processes;

  • pomegranate extract: improves microcirculation; possesses cleansing, antioxidant and anti-puffiness properties so your skin becomes fresher and younger, full of natural gloss and live energy;

  • cotton proteins: stimulate epithelium regeneration, provide soft cleansing and regeneration of tissues.

Thus, due to active natural complex, Aphrodite night face moisturizing cream actively fights with aging signs, providing excellent skin care. As a result, your skin is shiny, healthy, firmer and more elastic. The cream efficiently removes tiredness and stress signs.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: argan, pomegranate, inca inchi, shea butter, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, cross-linked hyaluronic acid, squalene, cotton thistle, seaweed extract

96.7% natural

50ml / 1.70 fl oz


For the purposes of skin firmness, Aphrodite night cream should be applied on a daily basis onto the thoroughly cleansed skin.

In order to achieve the best result, stimulate tissue blood circulation in light tapping motions.

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