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Natural multitask shampoo for men Apollon is an efficient cleansing preparation for all hair types which has been elaborated considering the specificities of men’s physiology. It is common knowledge that men’s epithelium is much stronger than women’s and contains more sebaceous glands. Therefore, men’s hair requires more frequent wash. At the same time, hair loss is a frequent problem among men due to the fact their hair structure needs regular strengthening and toning. We have created a shampoo for men’s hair taking into account constant needs of cleansing, nourishing toning, and strengthening.

Ingredients description

Apollon shampoo for men is famous for its multitask effect. It is predetermined by a unique formula based on the interaction of natural herbal extracts with a natural share of 91,6%! They strengthen, energize, restore and soften men’s hair without destroying the natural protective barrier.

Abyssinian mustard oil stimulates the epithelium blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles thus preventing hair loss and facilitating its growth. Olive oil penetrates deep into tissue structure and nourishes it with nutritive elements; biotin restores the damaged hair structure; vitamin B3, combined with wheat proteins, provide hair with elasticity, natural sheen, and gloss. Natural extracts of rosemary and gingko biloba revitalize the epithelium microbalance, tone men’s hair and make them soft and manageable.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: rosemary, Abyssinian oil, gingko biloba, biotin, vitamin B3

91.6% natural

200ml / 7.05 fl oz

Lather up a small amount of shampoo on the wet hair. Massage your hair in circular motions, distributing shampoo onto your hair and scalp.

Thoroughly wash with warm water.

Aphrodite natural shampoo for men is appropriate for frequent use. 

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