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Highly effective lip repair balm Aphrodite with SPF 10 and the raspberry flavor is a perfect choice for regeneration, moisturizing and efficient protection of sensitive epithelium layer from hazardous environmental influence.

An outstanding effect of the lip care balm with raspberry flavor is provided by its natural ingredients:

  • aloe latex: intensive nourishing of dry lip skin, regeneration of epithelium and its natural properties;

  • olive wax: softens epithelium and increases its elasticity, protects from hazardous environmental influence;

  • organic resin Dragon Blood: creates a barrier layer on lip skin surface thus protecting it from drying and cracking;

  • hyaluronic acid and vitamin E make up an active natural mix for moisturizing and nourishing skin with vital nutrients, providing smoothing effect and volume to your lips; 

  • organic butters: argan, avocado, shea and illipe butter provide the anti-aging effect, normalize hydrophile-lipophile balance and improve regeneration and self-protection processes;

Additionally, natural ingredients share of the raspberry lip balm is 99%, that is why it is so much efficient and safe for cracked lip skin special care.

99% natural

4g / 0.14 fl oz


Apply some lip care raspberry balm Aphrodite on dry clean lip skin when necessary.

Slide the wax stick with raspberry flavour on your lips leaving a thin layer. The lip balm can be used as a basis for makeup application.

It is recommended for everyday lip skin care in order to prevent hazardous skin processes (wind-burning, dehydration, cracking, etc.).

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