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Aphrodite natural moisturizing balm from the innovative series “The Youth Elixir” is an outstanding treatment for dry lip skin and helps to intensively moisturize, revitalize and protect it. Its active formula is based on natural ingredients (99% out of total ingredients) which help to cicatrize cracked lips, soothe irritated epithelium and maintain its normal activity.

Light balm texture facilitates quick penetration into the skin and immediate targeted treatment.

Due to antioxidant and moisturizing properties aloe latex smoothes skin surface and prevents its premature aging. Vitamin E has unique softening, stimulating and protective action.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid, contained in the hydrating lip balm, facilitates lavish moisturizing of deep epidermis layers and stimulates tissue growth.

The complex of organic butter (avocado, argan, olive) protects your skin from hazardous environmental influence, stimulates natural protective mechanisms, and reduces skin irritation. At the same time, donkey milk, enriched with micro and macroelements, intensively nourishes and revitalizes hydrophile-lipophile skin balance.

Therefore, due to its well-balanced and multitask formula, ultra hydrating lip balm facilitates immediate lip skin protection, prevents from negative influences and soothes irritated skin.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: donkey milk, olive wax, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe oil, avocado, argan, hyaluronic acid, “dragon’s blood”, illipe.

99% natural

4g / 0.14 fl oz

Aphrodite natural lip balm is recommended for use daily in the morning and when necessary as a revitalizing and protective lip treatment. Apply in light tapping motions onto the clean lip skin.

Can be used as a foundation for lip make-up.

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