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Lots of women experience the problem of dry hand skin. That is why Aphrodite nutritive and moisturizing hand cream is enjoying more and more popularity. It helps to deal with the first signs of skin dryness and eliminate internal causes of the problem. Olive oil-based hand moisturizer from Aphrodite with papaya and mango is aimed at complex care, nourishing and moisturizing, helps to get rid of skin dryness and fight with aging signs.


Hand moisturizer, based on Greek formula, consists of such natural ingredients as papaya, Brazil nut, marula and mango butter, olive oil, and vitamins В5, А, Е, F.

Polysaccharides and vitamin complex, contained in the nutritional cream, help to nourish deep skin layers, keep the epithelium cells hydrated and reduce the feeling of skin dryness.

Polyunsaturated butter (papaya, mango, olive) activate cellular metabolic processes in the epithelium, deeply nourish and soften derma layer thus reducing the problem of flaky dry hands at the cellular level.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: mango, papaya, marula, brazil nut

96.6% natural

75ml / 2.53 fl oz

This hand cream is suitable for all skin types. Apply in massage motions over the skin surface until it is completely absorbed.

Should be applied when necessary.

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