Aphrodite - Hand Cream with Avocado & Chamomile



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Highly efficient natural sensitive hand skin treatment Aphrodite provides complex care and protection for dehydrated, irritated and damaged epithelium:

  • moisturizes cells, increases skin elasticity;

  • eliminates skin irritation and facilitates tissues regeneration;

  • slows down the processes of epithelium deterioration;

  • protects sensitive hand skin from hazardous environmental influences;

  • improves skin appearance.


Hand cream formula is based on bioactive elements (96,4% natural components) that help to successfully protect, sooth your skin. Besides, it has a great anti-aging and revitalizing effect.

Kukui nut butter prevents photoaging and hyperpigmentation of the epithelium, providing your skin with natural gloss and smooth tone. Calendula butter facilitates tissues revitalization, stimulates skin natural protective properties. Organic Cretan olive oil helps to get rid of skin dryness and roughness, well nourishes and moisturizes your skin. Chamomile extract is a unique antiseptic, balancing and cicatrizing element that helps to repair the damaged epithelium layer and reduces its hypersensitivity and irritation. Vitamin E facilitates skin rejuvenating, regeneration and functions as a natural protection from free radicals. Avocado butter nourishes epidermis with micro and macroelements, stimulates collagen secretion thus slowing down skin withering process.

Aphrodite multifunction soothing hand cream with chamomile is recommended for regular use as an efficient protective preparation or as an SOS immediate action treatment.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: avocado, chamomile, calendula, kukui

96.4% natural

75ml / 2.53 fl oz

Apply daily on clean skin, softly massaging onto the skin surface.

Do not wash.

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