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Natural conditioner for coloured hair Aphrodite not only helps to detangle but also preserves shining hair colour for long and fights with the main problems of damaged hair: dryness, fragility, insufficient volume, and lifelessness. A unique revitalizing action, provided by the balm for coloured hair, lies in natural properties of its ingredients, 98% of them being biologically active natural elements.

Active ingredients:

Argan butter, contained in the hair revitalizing balm, is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, thus facilitating proactive rejuvenating and protecting effect for both scalp and hair shaft. At the same time, olive oil has nourishing and moisturizing properties and helps to strengthen hair and stimulate its growth.

A combination and interaction of bioactive Abyssinian mustard and camellia extract, contained in the olive hair conditioner, facilitates active blood circulation and thorough tissue nourishing. Extracts of baobab and quinoa strengthen hair follicles and have the conditioning effect. Herbal-based keratin “fits” hair structure, gives volume and revitalizes hair elasticity. Due to the fact that phytokeratine can envelop the hair shaft hair conditioner can be successfully applied for colour protection and prevention from fading.

You can buy a natural hair conditioner balm Aphrodite on Olive Garden website. The treatment is being produced in Greece, therefore, we can guarantee its highest quality and compliance with international standards.   

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: argan, Abyssinian, camellia, botanical keratin, baobab, quinoa

98% natural

200ml / 7.05 fl oz

In order to protect your hair colour and restore its natural beauty, it is recommended to apply the balm for dry coloured hair after each hair washing.

Apply some balm on clean moisturized hair (slightly squeezed after washing), distributing down your hair.

Rinse with warm water.

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