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Powerful body lotion with aloe vera extract by Aphrodite contains a high concentration of natural ingredients that immediately provide care and visible result for the dry and sensitive & irritable skin.


Lotion well-developed formula is enriched with vitamin E, herbal extracts, and organic butter:

  • aloe: fight uncomfortable feelings, has an anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating function; intensively moisturizes epidermis layer and nourishes its deep layers with various nourishing ingredients;

  • carob: antiseptic, astringent, cleansing and stimulating effect, makes your skin velvety soft, heps to activate drainage of intercellular fluids;

  • olive: enriched by a number of oligo elements which provide your skin with rejuvenating and toning effect, increase its smoothness and elasticity;

  • coconut: due to immanent regenerative, protective and softening properties it immediately eliminates skin tightness, helps to keep the skin moisturized and activates natural protective features of the skin epithelium;

  • opuntia: has drainage function, restores skin tone and harmonizes skin complexion, stimulates cells regeneration and reduces the epithelium sensitivity.

Thus, aloe-based moisturizer eliminates uncomfortable feelings, prevents their appearance in the future, slows down skin aging processes and prevents its fattening and the loss of skin firmness.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: aloe vera, carob, prickly pear, coconut

97% natural

200ml / 7.05 fl oz

Aphrodite natural lotion is recommended for daily use after bath or shower.

Distribute some treatment over your skin by circular motions.

Do not wash.

Light texture is immediately absorbed by the epithelium, so the lotion can be used even after a morning shower.

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