About Us

With thousands of beauty products overloading the world’s selves and with thousands of images trying to penetrate through our sensors every day, it is no wonder why our notion of beauty is so distorted. Yet, all the more of you out there realize that true beauty stems from within. Stems from the very same elements that created us. Stems from nature.

Nature. A world of powerful remedies. A universe of physical and spiritual affluence. We have come a long way, still we have not discovered but a fraction of it. However, it was not many decades ago when people knew most of what we have just learned. They knew the power of herbs in treating almost all kinds of physical or even psychological conditions. They knew how to make skin ointments using beeswax, olive oil, aloe vera, wine or seeds. The Mediterranean is swarming in such remedies carried through time all the way to today.

That wisdom combined with modern technology has given rise to a new generation of personal care products based exclusively on natural ingredients and totally freed of dangerous chemicals. Companies such as BIOselect, BioAroma, Sotis Laboratories (Mastic Spa) and Macrovita-Olivelia have really managed to capture the powers secreted in the Mediterranean nature and create a wide range of highly effective products for each and every one of you.

The only thing left to do was to bring all those products together in one conversant, modern, easy to use, high-end shop. A natural beauty pharm, as we like to call it, featuring only the best the natural care products industry has to show. And it was your demand that made it happen. You started this revolution. And you are to collect the fruits. Please, do. And if you find yourself in need for help at any point, do not even think twice about contacting us.

Be well and let beauty come naturally.